180 L Planted Aquarium Journal

Through building and maintaining beautiful nature aquaria people re-learn the intricate connections between forms of life, plants, fish, microorganism and humans. Riches and beauty come from harmony, from balance. Aquaria are great teachers of this truth. Takashi Amano


The 25th day

The aquarium and its inhabitants are doing fine. The water chemistry is OK and the animal world is always in search for food. I am trying not to over-feed them; and to have all the food eaten in a few minutes I first soak it in a bit of aquarium water and then put it in so it sinks immediately. Otherwise the food would stay on the surface for too long and probably half of it would end up inside the filter.
I feed the fish twice a day, every day except Sundays when they fast. First meal is the flake/chips/tablets. The second I feed with freeze-dried Tubifex, Artemia & Bloodworm. Every Saturday I give them one Spirulina tablet after the lights are out. I break it in 4 pieces and stick it on the glass.
I reduced CO2 tablets to two per week. Monday & Friday.
One of my Amano shrimps shed its skin as you can see on this photo. They do that to make more space for their growing body.
Other than that everything seem to be fine, except one of my Cardinals is missing.

Photos by Dusko Bojic