180 L Planted Aquarium Journal

Through building and maintaining beautiful nature aquaria people re-learn the intricate connections between forms of life, plants, fish, microorganism and humans. Riches and beauty come from harmony, from balance. Aquaria are great teachers of this truth. Takashi Amano


The 14th day

By adding this beautiful photo background the aquarium got its visual depth. It created an illusion of a blue-grey stone bank. The aquarium photos look now much better against this dark background. I am very happy with the created effect. The Siamese Algae Eaters are adapting well to this new environment and are shoaling together while grazing on algae. Two of the Oto's are shoaling together and eating algae of the glass. The third one is a loner preferring the algae of the plant leaves. I have some beard and brown algae appearing all over the lower leaves of Hygrophila spp., Bacopa australis & drift wood. I will try to brush them off tomorrow and take some of the old leaves off to promote the growth of young shots. Excess iron causes this problem. The water parameters are : pH 7,5 temperature 26-28'C KH 6 GH 8
No sign of ammonia or nitrite.